Training Program Requirements, Implementation and Staffing


EXITECH Corporation provides a wide range of training services to help you meet or exceed your corporate training goals. We will assist your staff with the determination of training requirements, design and development of training programs, implementation of training materials, and evaluation of the effectiveness of training. In addition, we will provide management assistance such as staff development, staff augmentation, and process improvement programs. Contact Exitech for all your training needs.

These training services work in synchronization with EXITECH’s Engineering, Management and Simulation services to provide the customer with every expertise needed for the training organization. Exitech believes that its training model uses the proven principles of sound learning. We adapt our training model however to respond to current training principles and use of media. Some of the goals of our program are to ensure and organization’s ability to:

  • Measure Performance with Measurable Objectives
  • Measure Results
  • Give Immediate Feedback
  • Train Just-in-Time and As-Needed
  • Use Multimedia
  • Use Online Learning