The EXITECH Chattanooga™ simulation development and real-time executive software package provides the user with a powerful, easy to use environment for implementation of frame-based simulation systems.  Chattanooga™ takes advantage of the Microsoft Windows NT operating system real-time extensions to provide a deterministic task-scheduling environment.

Executives and tools are designed to run on multiple CPUs in a non-symmetric, multiprocessing environment.  Additionally, most commercial and proprietary database packages are fully compatible.  Chattanooga™ provides documented access to the low-level library functions to allow users an understanding of the system, as well as extend services (as necessary) for specific applications.

System Features

  • Database management utilities
  • Constants modification utility
  • Source code control ( check-in and check-out)
  • Source code pre-processing tools
  • Real-time executive environment
  • Real-time debugger
  • Utilities for generation of "test" and "training" load configurations
  • FORTRAN and C language pre-processors that provide global data declarations at compile time
  • Simulator input/output control, mapping, and data conversion