Simulation and Training Specification Assistance and Contract Monitoring


For the last twenty-two years, Exitech has been the premier consultant for the procurement of nuclear and fossil power plant control room simulators and training devices. From the preparation of a state-of-the-art specification, through procurement, design, manufacture, testing installation, commissioning and warrantee, we have the knowledge and experience to guide the project to a quality conclusion. Our philosophy is to work toward a common goal. This goal is to provide guidance, training and/or procedural implementation that will allow your personnel to effectively and efficiently assume the operation and maintenance of a superior training device after EXITECH has completed its work.

  • Twenty-Two Years Experience
  • Work Toward Common Goal With Client
  • Allows Personnel To Effectively Assume Operation and Maintenance

There are many areas that Exitech has been involved in the management of simulation and training devices.  The procurement services that are highlighted are only a subset of those services that we offer, but are detailed here because:

  • The need is great in the power and industrial sectors
  • Current expertise is lacking in those who would offer to help
  • Changing regulatory requirements increases the difficulty of independent selection and monitoring
  • Software and database complexity requires experience
  • Knowledge of vendor business practices a necessity in contract execution
  • Technical and operational team background gives important breadth of understanding

The two major parts of a simulation/training contract are first the specification and vendor selection, and then the contract execution.  EXITECH is prepared to harness all of its resources to give you the experience and insight needed to help your success in these two areas.  To see a more detailed explanation of each, click on the images below.



EXITECH’s Specification Services have been used in over twenty simulation and training procurements, ranging from full-scale upgrades down to hardware or software modifications.  EXITECH will meet with the Training, Operations and Engineering organizations to discuss philosophy, needs and wants so that the simulator or training program reflects the client as well as current and anticipated regulatory requirements.  The services that EXITECH gives can range from specification writing to specification review to full procurement assistance.