SimVersus, Exitech's Simulator Physical Fidelity Tracker Tool, is a database application that is used to identify, categorize, evaluate, and document the physical fidelity of a simulator.

A comparison of the physical fidelity of a certified training simulator to its reference plant is required to be performed and documented on a regular basis. SimVersus is available to help perform the comparison and store the results for future review.

SimVersus enables you to categorize and grade collections of simulator and plant images. Once categorized, side-by-side displays of images make it easy to identify and annotate differences. The Subject Matter Expert can then evaluate the differences based on the impact on training.  SimVersus may then be used by the reviewer to inspect the results of the comparison.

When your baseline comparison is complete periodic updates are only required when plant modifications have been installed, saving time and keeping your record of physical fidelity up to date.