A robust training simulator has the potential to offer a rich learning experience to a trainee.  That potential may be realized when simulator training is presented by qualified instructors that complement the training with supplementary content and immediate feedback on trainee performance. But in today’s competitive environment training organizations are challenged with maintaining a staff of qualified instructors due to aging workforces, employee turnover, and budget constraints.

SNAPDRAGON™ can reduce the demands on the instructional staff by serving as the role of the instructor during a training scenario. SNAPDRAGON™ provides an instructional framework for a training simulator that:

  • Interfaces the simulator to a Learning Management System.
  • Delivers supplementary multimedia material during training lessons and provides links to reference material and technical documents.
  • Utilizes actual plant operating procedures.
  • Monitors the trainee's actions and enforces procedural compliance.
  • Presents quizzes and exams during a training lesson.
  • Reports the trainee’s performance back to the Learning Management System.
  • Provides lesson development tools.

The SNAPDRAGON™ framework is available integrated with Chattanooga™, Exitech’s simulation environment, or may be interfaced with other commercially available simulation environments.


SNAPDRAGON™ Lesson Features

SNAPDRAGON™ lesson topics range from basic system and component familiarization to advanced diagnostic or casualty response.

Students are presented with a lesson Pre-Brief and Operating Procedure and are expected to operate equipment as they would in the workplace.  Immediate feedback is given for improper operation and quizzes can be used to test the student’s subject knowledge. Reference material and background information or multimedia material may be presented to enrich the learning experience. A lesson Post-Brief concludes the lesson with feedback and a review of the lesson’s learning objectives.


SNAPDRAGON™ Training Organization Benefits

SNAPDRAGON™ lessons are designed to be self-paced and can be delivered without an instructor. Packaged training lesson benefits include:

  • Consistent quality of training.
  • Reduced instructor load.
  • Capture of "tribal knowledge" and operating experience.
  • Reduced schedule considerations – SNAPDRAGON™ is available 24/7.
  • Collection and linkage to pertinent reference material.



SNAPDRAGON™ Local Equipment Trainer Implementations

The benefits of simulator training for control room operators are widely recognized. SNAPDRAGON™ has been used to deliver training for marine engine room operators using 3D representations of local spaces. SNAPDRAGON™ simulator training for local equipment operators can provide benefits, such as:

  • Familiarization of local equipment arrangement, even before it is built.
  • Reduction of time required in hazardous spaces or environments.
  • Reinforcement of efficient and concise communication with remote personnel
  • Reinforcement of safe operating practices
  • Enforcement of procedural compliance
  • Tag-out training
  • Local audio cues
  • Re-familiarization of seldom-done evolutions
  • Elimination of need for actual equipment - reduces cost and scheduling conflicts and potential for equipment damage