Simulator Software, Hardware, Databases, Configuration, Relocation


EXITECH’s Simulator Life Cycle Support Services are designed to help the client make the most of their available resources.  EXITECH is committed to providing quick and timely solutions to customer problems, while at the same time making every solution well designed, implemented and documented.  EXITECH will support you with software, hardware, databases, configuration or relocation that provide you with the power to determine your own course.

  • Quick and Timely Solutions
  • Well Designed, Implemented and Documented



EXITECH has an extensive library of dynamic, logic, auto-generate, executive and display models that are used for simulation and training at over twenty-five sites for multiple configuration and vendor types.  EXITECH can fully model the first principles dynamics or circuitry logic according to plant design data.  EXITECH also has auto-generate model builders for hydraulic and electrical networks that quickly and accurately translate design data into simulation models.  Simulation executive and instructor systems are provided for full-scale simulators ( Chattanooga and Ocoee) or for part-task trainers (SpitFire Level 4 CBT and the Astro STAR trainer).  EXITECH also has provided systems which emulate and stimulate vendor hardware.  The range of experience that we have gained over the years makes EXITECH the perfect fit for your simulator life cycle support.

  • First Principles Dynamic Models
  • Design According to Data
  • Model Builders
  • Executive Systems
  • Instructor Systems
  • Emulation
  • Stimulation



EXITECH has been involved either as the prime vendor, or sub vendor, on many of the I/O replacement projects throughout the US .  As the prime vendor for I/O Replacements at four sites, we understand the importance of providing a quality product and service that will meet or exceed our clients’ expectations.  Our I/O projects incorporate safety and code standards, use of multiple vendors, off and on-line test plans, risk assessment, and complete project team communication.  EXITECH also has extensive experience with synchroscopes and computer configuration, and is able to troubleshoot problems with both.  Our synchroscope card design allows freedom and smoothness of movement not found in other synchroscopes.

  • I/O
  • Safety and Code Standards
  • Synchroscope
  • Computer



Exitech has built and maintained relational databases for simulation and training purposes.  The Chattanooga executive employs database manipulations to store real-time data and background information.  The fundamental design objectives of EXITECH’s training databases is to provide a relational database management system that fully supports customer methodologies (including Systematic Approach to Training, or SAT), while implementing flexibility that will take into account requirements of all industrial training environments.  The EXITECH database products provide a user-friendly graphical interface to all information while providing tracking and auditing reports that are based on defined analysis and evaluation criteria.  The database provides a rigid structure that dictates entry of information in a systematic and progressive manner to ensure complete data entry and compliance to the database need.  Because of its database experience EXITECH has been asked to participate in database conversion and troubleshooting projects.

  • Real-Time
  • Systematic Approach to Training
  • Conversions
  • Troubleshooting



In light of the increased regulatory interest in simulators and adherence to rule making, EXITECH has developed a Simulator Regulatory Compliance Audit approach, which provides a broad-spectrum overview of the status of certified simulators.  This audit is designed to highlight regulatory issues, as well as look for operational, procedural, and obsolescence risks.  The audit is based upon examination of documentation, verification of simulator performance, interviews with simulator support personnel, instructors, and licensed operators.  The audit will provide the training organization with valuable insight into the status of the simulator as it is compared against industry regulatory standards and practices.  Further, the audit will look for areas of cost savings.  Audit team members will be available for follow up teleconferencing on any issues in the final report.  Configuration expertise is also developed by EXITECH in the areas of simulation determinism and annual testing verification.  EXITECH has developed historical data trending procedures which are used for regulatory purposes.

  • Audits
  • Standards
  • Identify Cost Savings
  • Determinism
  • Test Verification


Exitech has relocated a number of simulators and has distilled the move into four phases:

Pre-Move Activities

We have found that most of the relocation problems can be overcome with pre-move planning.  The plans involve the movement route, power distribution, qualifying key team members, anticipating problems, schedule contingency, safety issues, pre-move checklists on each shipping unit, and general contractor coordination.

Power-Off Activities

We have found the power-off to be a challenge on some simulators due to cross wiring and use of building power in various locations within the simulator. We take extra care in validating that each and every panel in the simulator is safe (electrically dead) and ready to be dismantled (EXITECH develops a Power-Off Checklist for every project). Prior to initial Power-Off the EXITECH Project Manager will begin conducting Daily Project Safety and Activity meetings each morning prior to the start of any work. These meetings will continue until the simulators have been safely relocated and returned for a Ready-for-Training state.

Shipping Preparation

EXITECH’s pre-move activities lead to the preparation of our Shipping Unit Preparation Checklist. This is the list that goes into play after power-off. This checklist is designed to be used by team members in understanding their roles in the preparation and move of each shipping unit.  EXITECH will likewise develop a checklist for certain special rooms or areas, such as the simulator hardware maintenance shop, so that the movers have a clear understanding of the issues and directions for the equipment within that space.

Installation, Testing & Ready for Training

As the simulator is moved into the new facility and mechanically assembled an assembly checklist will be performed. Power distribution and grounding will be connected to each shipping unit distribution panel in accordance with the drawings and power restored in an orderly manner. Once all equipment has been reinstalled in the panels, power and signal wiring reconnected and verified, EXITECH will (with customer assistance) boot up the simulation process and run the daily operational test ( DORT ). Any issues, such as lamps needing replacement, will be corrected or replaced in coordination with site personnel.