Simulation Software Models and Company Engineering Expertise


All EXITECH software models use first principles techniques to model real world phenomena.  They are designed, developed and documented according to ANSI 3.5 standards.  If it is an EXITECH model, you can have full confidence in its performance.

  • First Principles
  • ANSI 3.5 Standards


Containment Systems

EXITECH has developed the finest primary and secondary containment systems in the world.  Full thermodynamic and fluid dynamic modeling of every containment process is accomplished.

  • Primary Containment
  • Secondary Containment


Radiation Systems

The EXITECH Radiation Transport and Detection system provides generation, transportation, and detection of radioactive specie, with all physical transport phenomena such as decay, filtration, delay, concentration, and two-phase dilution modeled.  EXITECH will do a study of your plant isotope chemistry to determine your specific simulation needs.

  • Radiation Generation, Transport and Detection


Electrical Systems

The EXITECH electrical systems are second to none in the use of electrical theory.  The models are simulator proven and have stood the test of comparison with real world events.  EXITECH has developed ELECTREX, a model builder and complex number matrix solution technique of electrical distribution and generation systems.  ELECTREX promises to completely model all electrical processes in any system configuration.

  • Electrical Distribution
  • Main Generator
  • Diesel Generator
  • Recirc Pump and Motor/Generator Set
  • Solid State Drives
  • ELECTREX Model Builder


Control Systems

EXITECH has distributed its own Control Systems Theory manual, and is the leading simulator vendor with regard to control systems, both digital and analog.  The EXITECH simulated control system has been used to test and correct real world control performance.  Much time and effort has been saved by power plant operations teams by first getting EXITECH to simulate control systems and testing the response.

  • Reactor Vessel Level Control
  • Feedpump Control
  • Turbin Electro-Hydraulic Control
  • Programmable Logic Controllers
  • Control Theory


Fluid Systems

Exitech knows fluids.  Its engineers have worked with compressible and non-compressible fluids for most conditions imagined.  All fluid systems are modeled with fluid dynamic effects, heat exchange, specie concentration and transport, and compressibility.  Two-phase steam systems and steam turbine mechanics are modeled as well.  All steam systems with turbines maintain the theoretical balance between enthalpy, entropy and work according to the psychrometric charts.  Exitech has several models for two-phase tanks, including those tanks used in harsh environment such as sludge tanks.  Exitech has developed and uses a two-phase hydraulic model builder call HYDREXHYDREX is simple to understand and is made for stand-alone use for for simulator model development.

  • Emergency Core Cooling/Cooling Water Systems
  • Reactor Water Cleanup
  • Control Rod Drive Hydraulics
  • Main Turbine and Steam Systems
  • Minor Turbine and Steam Systems
  • Condenser Model
  • Condensate and Feed Model
  • Feedwater Heating Model
  • Hydraulic Power Plant
  • Hydraulic Model Builder (HYDREX)


Mechanical Systems

Exitech models the dynamic mechanics of a number of plant equipment types.  All models include an electrical sub-model.  Individual equipment types are easily adapted to any simulation environment.  Combined with the Exitech electrical model, all mechanical models will respond to conditions of reduced voltage or frequency.

  • Large and Small Turbines
  • Pumps and Valves
  • Chillers, Compressors and Separators
  • Control Rod Drive Mechanism


Chemical Systems

Chemical systems can include both physical and chemical processes.  Exitech has extensive experience in modeling both and will include all relevant reaction dynamics and stoichiometry in all systems models.  Heat of reaction and particle/ion properties (such as solubility and drift flux) are important considerations when detailing individual systems and processes.  Isotope properties are evaluated for Nuclear Chemistry considerations.  All chemical and physical processes can be modeled as stand-alone or seamlessly integrated with other simulation models.

  • Gaseous Recombination
  • Hydrogen Water Chemistry of IGSCC
  • Filtration and Demineralization
  • Absorption/Adsorption/Molecular Sieves
  • Distillation
  • Refrigeration
  • Reverse Osmosis


Instrumentation Systems

Instrumentation Systems can include fluid, component, electrical, and neutronic instrumentation.   Exitech has installed working models for each and has increased training capability with each model.  Instrumentation "intelligence" is achieved for models which have embedded microprocessors.

  • Core Neutronic Instrumentation (SRM, IRM, PRM, RBM)
  • Vessel Instrumentation
  • Thermal Hydraulic Instability Detection


Air Systems

Air Systems are modeled for air and compressor dynamics, specie concentration/transport, heat effects and fire effects.  The models obey all pneumatic laws and will calculate mechanical and pneumatic conditions associated with heat of compression.  The Exitech fire detection system modeling is used to simulate fire events and also to stimulate fire detection panels.

  • Offgas System
  • HVAC System
  • Fire Detection System
  • High Pressure Air


Vibration Systems

Exitech has developed and installed a physically realistic and data dependent model of component vibration.  Forcing functions, transient effects and harmonics are included as part of the model.  Up to twenty forcing functions (vibration causes) will affect vibration for as many components as are monitored in the plant.

  • Vibration Monitoring System


Display Systems

Exitech has a suite of display systems that give a window on the physical plant.  Display systems can either represent actual plant equipment, theoretical equipment behavior, or behavior of physical components such as steam.  Exitech uses multiple types of rapid display generating software to present user-friendly information.

  • Control Rod Display
  • Core Power Display
  • SoftNumac Display
  • Top-Down and Cutaway Plant Displays
  • Steam Properties Calculator


Bar Code Systems

The Exitech Bar Code Reader can be used for any training scenario which uses bar code reading field devices for object identification.  The bar code technology has been developed for one of our Energy Department partners.  Exitech has also developed a PDA based bar code reader and tagging system.

  • Bar Code Reader
  • Portable (PDA) Bar Code Reader and Tagging System