The Advanced Self-Check Trainer for Reliable Operations (ASTRO) Simulator provides hands-on experience with positive reinforcement of procedural compliance and self-check concepts.


The Advanced Self-Check Trainer for Reliable Operations (ASTRO)Simulator provides hands-on experience with positive reinforcement of procedural compliance and self-check concepts.  ASTRO was developed in order to provide a method for creating soft panel layouts, component diagrams and associated procedures for different user defined scenarios.  ASTRO can be used to generate and validate in house procedures/processes even prior to actual implementation.  Students can also be tested to verify their ability to follow procedures efficiently and correctly.  With ASTRO’s rich features, ease of use, online help and user tutorials, custom displays can be created quickly.  Custom objects can be created from photo bitmaps resulting in the same look as the actual panels.  ASTRO provides a user logon screen in order to automatically record the results for user testing.  ASTRO can be customized to include site nomenclature and components for specific plant identification.

ASTRO is currently in use by several large scale utilities and is included as part of their training curriculum.  ASTRO has identified issues with existing procedures which could have prevented damage to plant equipment.  ASTRO has also been used for initial user evaluation to determine the aptitude for being able to follow basic process flows.

Following the success of STAR (Stop Think Act Review) trainers, ASTRO provides the same type of positive reinforcement without the need to have expensive, bulky, non-portable hardware.  With ASTRO’s ability to design alternative panel configurations, users will have an infinite number of possible configurations and scenarios to increase the training experience.  ASTRO will automatically generate the procedure for any scenario thus making the scenario/lesson development quick and easy.  ASTRO can be loaded onto a corporate server enabling users to have access to ASTRO and lessons from remote site locations.


Panel Configuration

Users can customize the layout of the panel for each training scenario.  Many of the commonly used components (switches, meters, lamps, alarms, etc.) are included with ASTROTM to provide flexibility for designing the panel layouts.  Custom components can be added in the event that your exact component has not yet been incorporated into ASTROTM.


Student Compliance and Exercise Procedures

Once the layout of the panel has been defined, instructors build the training exercise with easy to use commands.  Both the student compliance file and the training procedure are automatically generated by ASTROTM.  The procedure can be saved, printed or reviewed online during training.

System Requirements

Runs in any Windows computer with video resolution of 800 X 600 or greater.