We have developed a product line of real time training devices for diesel generators ranging from a software only (CRT based) synchronization trainer, to a generic hard-panel trainer, to a full scope simulator including engine controls.

Why create a Simulation-Based Diesel Generator Trainer?

Improper operation of diesel generators, particularly improper grid synchronization, can result in severe equipment damage. Inspection for and/or repair of damage results in significant machine down time.

Full Scope Control Room Simulators often contain simplified engine and generator dynamics and do not include local engine and generator control panels.

For nuclear electric utilities, Probabilistic Risk Assessment (PRA) and other studies have determined that diesel generator unavailability or improper operation is one of the potential contributors to theoretical reactor core damage.

The Full-Scope Generator and Engine Simulator includes a detailed engine dynamic model, fully interfaced with support systems as well as a Generator and Emergency Bus Dynamic model. The models are engineering grade, with a time step of 0.01 seconds for the Engine and Generator electromechanical dynamics to ensure realistic response during transients (e.g. improper synchronization).

Support systems include Lube Oil, Fuel Oil, Jacket Cooling Water, Starting Air, and Scavenging and Exhaust Air. These systems are modeled with detailed pressure/flow nodal solutions and provide dynamic parameters necessary for the Engine Dynamics.

The Engine Dynamics include:

°    Engine Diesel Cycle Thermodynamics
°    Engine and Exhaust Temperature Dynamics
°    Engine Crankcase Dynamics
°    Governor Dynamics