Reliable Simulator Maintenance

Maintaining simulators is crucial for their operational efficiency and effectiveness in training. This involves a combination of regular checks, timely updates, and troubleshooting to ensure the simulators are always ready for use.

Exitech Corporation’s Simulator Maintenance Support

Exitech’s services ensure the highest operational efficiency and effectiveness for training simulators. This comprehensive support includes preventive maintenance, quick response to technical issues, regular software updates, and thorough hardware inspections. Additionally, Exitech offers dedicated technical support and operator training to ensure smooth operation and maintenance. Their commitment to maintaining simulators at peak performance guarantees reliable and effective training solutions for their clients.

Preventive Maintenance

Our preventive maintenance program focuses on:

  1. Conducting scheduled inspections to identify potential issues early.
  2. Regular software updates to enhance simulator performance and functionality.

Corrective Maintenance

When issues arise, our corrective maintenance ensures:

  1. Rapid response to address and resolve technical malfunctions.
  2. Expert solutions that minimize simulator downtime.

Software Updates and Upgrades

We keep your simulators at the cutting edge by:

  1. Implementing the latest software updates for improved features and capabilities.
  2. Upgrading systems to meet evolving training needs and industry standards.

Hardware Inspection and Repair

To maintain simulator integrity, we provide:

  1. Comprehensive inspection of all hardware components.
  2. Efficient repair or replacement services for worn or damaged parts.

Technical Support and Assistance

Our dedicated support team offers:

  1. Quick and reliable assistance for technical queries and issues.
  2. Guidance on effectively utilizing and understanding simulator features.

Training for Simulator Operators

We empower your staff with:

  1. Training sessions for handling basic simulator maintenance.
  2. Updates on the latest simulator functionalities and operation techniques.