Custom Hardware & Software Solutions

Exitech Corporation offers expert Engineering Management Consulting tailored to your industry needs. Our experienced consultants ensure operational excellence and compliance, specializing in complex challenges with innovative strategies. Partner with us to combine your vision with our expertise for superior results.

The Forefront of Technological Innovation

Exitech’s extensive library of dynamic, logic, auto-generate, executive, and display models serves a wide range of simulation and training needs at over twenty-five sites. Our unique approach involves first-principles dynamics modeling and circuitry logic aligned with your plant design data. Our auto-generated model builders for hydraulic and electrical networks translate design data into precise simulation models, offering tailored solutions that integrate seamlessly with your operations.

Our experience in the field extends to I/O replacement projects across the US, where our role as either prime or sub-vendor has honed our skills in delivering quality, safety, and code-compliant products and services. We understand the criticality of maintaining high standards in hardware design for enhanced movement and functionality.

Software Excellence

  1. Dynamic and Logic Models: We offer a vast library of models used for various simulation and training applications.
  2. First Principles Dynamics: Our software is crafted to mirror real-world dynamics based on your design data.
  3. Efficient Auto-Generate Tools: Quick and accurate translation of design data into simulation models.
  4. Simulation Systems: We provide executive and instructor systems for both full-scale simulators and part-task trainers.

Hardware Innovation:

  1. Expertise in I/O Replacements: Our experience as a prime and sub-vendor in I/O replacements across the US highlights our commitment to quality.
  2. Safety and Standards Compliance: We ensure all hardware meets rigorous safety and code standards.

Partnering for Success

By choosing Exitech, you’re not just getting a service provider; you’re partnering with a leader in technology that’s dedicated to exceeding your expectations with custom, high-quality solutions.