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EXITECH Corporation, established in 1985, leads in simulation technology and engineering services for critical sectors like Energy, Defense, and Chemicals. With decades of experience, we provide dynamic models, training, and lifecycle support, emphasizing precision and reliability. At EXITECH, we engineer the future through innovative simulations.

Our Services

Expert Engineering and Advanced Simulator Support

Strategic Engineering Expertise

Leverage our extensive experience in engineering management consulting to streamline your projects. Our strategic guidance ensures efficient processes and innovative solutions tailored to your needs

Custom Hardware & Software Solutions

Our specialized team excels in creating custom hardware designs and writing code for diverse applications. We focus on delivering high-quality, tailored solutions to meet your specific requirements

Reliable Simulator Maintenance

Ensure the continuous performance of your simulators with our comprehensive maintenance support. Our expertise lies in keeping your simulators operational, reducing downtime, and enhancing user experience.

Expert Technical Assistance

Get immediate access to our expert technical support team for all your technical queries and challenges. We provide prompt, reliable, and effective solutions to keep your operations running smoothly.


Boosts productivity, lowers costs.


Tailored tech solutions.


Minimizes downtime


Quick, effective problem-solving.

About Us

Exitech Corporation has over 49 years experience in domestic and international nuclear communities; DOD and DOE. Exitech is committed to offering premier services in the areas of training, training devices, simulator procurement, maintenance and modification, engineering and management consulting.

Founded in 1985, we work in a synergetic relationship with our clients to bring the right technical and management solutions to each project. Contact us to solve your needs today.

Pioneering Safety in Energy - Innovating Nuclear Excellence - Constructing the Future - Defining Aerospace Precision - Advancing Chemical Process Safety - Empowering Renewable Innovations - Shaping Defense Technologies - Revolutionizing Infrastructure Development"


Energy Sector

- Power Generation and Distribution
- Renewable Energy
- Utility Management

Nuclear Industry

- Nuclear Power Generation
- Nuclear Safety and Regulation
- Nuclear Engineering and Construction


- Infrastructure Development
- Civil Engineering Projects
- Industrial Construction and Design

Defense and Aerospace

- Military Equipment and Systems
- Aerospace Engineering
- Defense Technology and Simulation

Chemical Industry

- Chemical Process Engineering
- Petrochemical Operations
- Environmental Safety and Compliance

Fluid Dynamics and Hydraulics

- Water Resources Engineering
- Hydraulic Systems Design
- Fluid Mechanics Simulation