Rob Johnson

Executive Vice President

Rob Johnson is the Executive Vice President in charge of Engineering Services and Business Development for Exitech and its subsidiary companies since the inception of Exitech in 1985.  He is a proud American Navy Veteran that served on board the USS Lafayette (SSN 616) during the Vietnam conflict.

Mr. Johnson provides over 35 years of executive leadership experience for planning and development in product areas such as simulation, nuclear plant equipment, relational database systems, cyber security services, real time simulation and configuration management.

He consults with a number of client companies in the areas of project review, program audits, product and service development, evaluation of rate of return on investment (ROI), business model development, and ISO 9000 program audits. He provides audit and performance testing for the US Navy’s Submarine-On-Board-Training simulators and is a member of the Cyber Security Assessment Team for a nuclear utility.

He is a lifetime member of the American Nuclear Society and former chairman, ANSI/ANS 3.5.